Classic or themed, half day or full day, the O.L.G.A. team offers you a wide range of tours and excursions.

Special tour with local food and specialities tasting in Nice and the area

Full day tour

Why not discover some of the French Riviera not only with your  eyes but also with your tastebuds!
Start your day visiting colorful, charming and historical Nice old town.
Walk the fun fresh products Nice market and understand more about local specialities by tasting a few yourself with your guide. ” Socca” for example ( cheakpeas flower pancake cooked  with olive oil.) A little quizz about food can be organized by your guide!
Now, it’s time for lunch! (advised restaurants with Niçois dishes according to budget or even lunch at ”The Official Tourism School in Nice”, only possible in school time calendar.)
And now, back on your tour bus to Villeneuve Loubet to discover  The Auguste Escoffier Museum. Escoffier was an extrordinary cook at the Savoy hotel in London and  also a major figure of the «  Belle Epoque » Spécial aristocratic tourism time, here on the French Riviera. He made his reputation pleasing the ”complicated taste of the Gourmet clientele ” creating special recipies for the elegant Elite of Europe.
If time allows it, a little quizz and  movie about the ultimate French Chefs is possible.
And now, let’s go on our way to Opio !
Here it’ s about olive oil production and tasting!  See nowadays olive oïl mill and mill of 15 th century, remember olive oil is a major product in Mediterraneen cooking including Provence of course. Try different olive oils and play with the nuances of new flavors.
Last but not least, let us put the” cherry on the cake” with a sweet note!
Here, at Confiserie Florian, a traditional Candied Fruit  and Chocolate Factory we  will see the process and the know how for making tasteful and authentic sweets (petals of roses jam, candied oranges sliced and coated with chocolate …)
Now, if all this seems appealing to you, come and join us on this gourmet fun day, indulge in food pleasures and by the way make it a memorable experience for your five senses!

General information
Socca tasting : 3€/pers.
Museum Escoffier : 6€/ pers. (Closed in november & december)
Olive oil Mill : simple visit is free if booked. Visit with tasting : 4€/per.

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