Classiques ou insolites, en demi-journée ou journée complète, l’O.L.G.A. vous propose une large gamme de circuites et excursions.

Roya valley, Saorge, Notre-Dame des Fontaines

On the steps of travelling painters….

In the Middle Ages, and at the Renaissance, painters used to travel from village to village to work according to customers orders.



Let us leave Nice by train, to reach La Brigue.This very special train line leading from Nice to Cuneo goes into the inland countryside of the French Riviera. Sitting from the train, you will enjoy tremendously beautiful panoramic views passing along the Paillon valley and the Roya valley.

All the gorgious sights you will discover are best seen from the train.

Arriving at La Brigue, we will meet our bus to get to Notre Dame des Fontaines.
This sanctuary which is more than a thousand years old, seems to stand by itself in this small valley, surrounded by seven Fountains.

The main church of this sanctuary is a pilgrims destination. It is decorated with exceptional frescoes attributed to Canavésio, a 15 century major painter. The 25 pieces on different religious themes are quite fascinating. You will admire The Passion of Christ, the life of the Virgin Mary, and the Last Judgment.

Lunch in La Brigue, at a local restaurant, and visit the Saint Martin Chruch.

At this point, you can choose between two options :

1) Go to Tende, and visit the church “Our Lady of the Assumption”.

2) Or drive on directly to Saorge.

Tende is the biggest village of the valley, and was lead for centuries by the Noble Family of the Lascaris Vintimille.

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