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Mimosa Festival in Mandelieu

Before discovering the Mimosa festival in MANDELIEU in the early afternoon, our team of Guides O.L.G.A invites you to a special journey in the Tanneron Hills to actually see forests of mimosa in bloom.
You can possible ask for special stop to see the place where mimosa is bloomer in humid heat. (« forçerie de mimosa ») (entrance fee)<br />For more information on this special festival: www.ot-mandelieu.fr AND MOST OFF ALL: Your TOUR GUIDE on the French Riviera will cost less than 5 euros/person/half days and less than 8 euros/ person/Full day (on the basis of a group of 35 people).<br />For any request: olga.guides@wanadoo.fr or info@guides-french-riviera.com
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