During the Carnival times, we invite to follow us on all tours on the FRENCH RIVIERA, from ST TROPEZ to SAN REMO, and the Principality of MONACO.

Menton Lemon Festival

IN MENTON, lemons and oranges are THE STARS during the Famous Lemon Festival (while NICE is having its Carnival). Visit the BIOVES gardens with its spectacular citrus fruit sculptures and compositions (about 24 feet High). Along the seafront, come and see the famous lemon and oranges decorated float.With traditional live music and cheer- leaders. Our

Mimosa Festival in Mandelieu

Before discovering the Mimosa festival in MANDELIEU in the early afternoon, our team of Guides O.L.G.A invites you to a special journey in the Tanneron Hills to actually see forests of mimosa in bloom. You can possible ask for special stop to see the place where mimosa is bloomer in humid heat. (« forçerie de

Nice Carnival

During three weeks, every year, NICE danses on the rythm of the Carnival’s tradition. Why not join us on a discovery city Tour of NICE, during this special time? Come along with us to discover the fabulous Carnival and its history!!! Our team of Tour Guides from O.L.G.A can offer you: A panoramic city tour